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Easy Tips for Full, Beautiful Wreaths

Did you know that wreaths are consistently on the list of the top 10 items sold at Terry's Village? That's a lot of beauty being displayed across the country! Here are a few ideas for making sure your wreaths look just as pretty in your home as they do on our website.

1. Tree not fluffed

When artificial wreaths and trees are shipped to you, spending time packed in boxes means they will require a little extra attention when they arrive. Fluffing up a wreath is a simple process that will only take a few minutes, yet gives you a home accent you can enjoy for weeks or months. Follow these quick tips to make your own floral wreaths, Christmas decorations or year-round trees picture perfect.

2. Separating the clusters of branches

When you remove the item from the box, it may appear matted or misshapen. Use your fingers to separate clusters of branches or foliage that may be clumped together. Individually wired branches may need to be pulled away from the base of the wreath to create a fuller, rounded look with depth. Bend the branch outward and work from the base of the branch to the end, manipulating leaves to create a full look. For wreaths that will be hung on a wall or door, take advantage of the space you have to make the wreath a bold, decorative piece that you can enjoy all season long.

3. Manipulating the branches to give dimension

For artificial trees such as our year-round evergreen tree, use the same technique to fluff each of the branches and create a natural look. Step back from the tree as you work to see if the branches are evenly spaced and you have created the fullness you desire. You want to make sure that the branches are spaced evenly from top to bottom and side to side so you have a symmetrical tree. Just like a real tree there should be spaces between the branches, especially if you will be hanging ornaments for Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and special occasions.

4. Completed tree or wreath

Next year when you pull your seasonal wreaths or Christmas decorations out of storage, use the same techniques to get them ready for display. Enjoy all our artificial wreaths, the year-round tree and coordinating ornament sets to make your home's d├ęcor stand out in every season.